Fashion consumers are buying more online than they ever have before. So much so, in fact, that Forrester predicts the number of global online fashion buyers will reach approximately 911 million by 2022, making fashion the largest category of online buyers overall.

Fashion ecommerce is continuously changing, with consumer expectations pushing brands to innovate in order to stand out amid stiff competition.

So, how are fashion ecommerce brands rising to the challenge? This briefing will cover new and current trends within the industry, information on the brands that are demonstrating best practice, and a look at how it’s paying off.

Sections include:

  1. Personalisation and AI
  2. Fashion as a service
  3. Social commerce takes off
  4. The influencer effect
  5. Reducing returns
  6. Recommerce and rental
  7. The growth of online luxury
  8. Innovation from Asia

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