Fast Track FAQs

  • When does the Fast Track begin and end?
    • The Spring 2024 cohort of the Fast Track to Digital Marketing begins on Tuesday the 23rd April. The course runs 8 weeks and the last day to complete the final exercise is Monday the 1st of July.

  • What is the expected weekly time commitment?
    • Each week varies a bit but no week should take more than 90 minutes total and most weeks considerably less. There are recommended readings that are entirely optional and no homework. 

  • What topics does the course cover?
    • Check out the lesson-level syllabus here. 

  • Are there assignments or exams?
    • There are practical assignments throughout the courses, some of which are interactive and others which align to your workbook. There is also an extended simulation exercise at the end of the programme. The goal of all of these is to apply what you’ve learned – there is no formal exam and no grade. 

  • Why can’t I move on to next week’s materials?
    • To keep everyone on the same page, course materials unlock at midnight on Sunday. They remain available until the end of the programme. 

  • How do I ask a question?
    • For technical questions, the fastest route is to email the account team at

      If you have a content related question, please post it to the social channel so everyone can benefit from the discussion. If it’s a brand specific question you’d prefer to address privately, use the email address.  

  • Help, I can’t find a live event!
    • The Join button can be found in the event listing on the page for that week, pictured below. 

  • I missed a live session. How do I watch it?
    • All live events will be recorded and available in that week’s learning plan within 24 hours. 

  • Why do some weeks say “3 courses” when there are only two assigned?
    • Our Learning Management Platform uses ‘courses’ as its basic unit, so even short intro videos will be labeled as courses. Don’t worry, there’s no week with more than two on-demand courses. 

  • I’ve taken one of the courses in the Fast Track already. What do I do? 
  • How do I receive a grade and get my certificate?
    • The Fast Track isn’t graded, but we do want to make sure you participate fully. To qualify for your certificate, you need to complete all of the on-demand courses and the simulation. Note, you do not need to submit your workbook – that’s for you to use as inspiration for future tests and improvements. 

  • Can I access course materials after the programme ends?
    • All Fast Track courses are available as individual experiences in the Econsultancy Skills Cloud and we encourage you to keep your workbook of Apply Your Learning assignments. Other elements of the Fast Track will no longer be available after July 1st, 2024. 

  • When are the live sessions and how long are they?
    • The length of the live sessions varies, and times are approximate. 

      • Event  Time / Date  Duration 
        Kickoff Session  3pm GMT / Tuesday 14th May  45 minutes 
        Term One Super Q&A  3pm GMT / Tuesday 14th May  35 minutes 
        Term Two Super Q&A  3pm GMT / Tuesday 4th June  35 minutes 
        Analyst Session  3pm GMT / Wednesday 12th June  45 minutes 
  • How does the leaderboard points system work?
    • The points system is largely based on time spent with an activity, but it also considers the importance of certain events, such as the final simulation activity.  

      • Weekly Intro Videos – 1 point 
      • Live Trends Session – 4 points 
      • Live Kickoff Session – 5 points 
      • On-demand course – 6 points 
      • Simulation Final – 10 points 
  • I’m in a course and a lesson video isn’t playing. What do I do?
    • Occasionally there’s an issue with embedded video links and certain browsers. The first thing to do is try closing your browser to clear the cache. If that doesn’t work, please note the course and lesson names and let us know at 

  • How do I use the Calendar function to add dates to my Outlook calendar?
    • The built-in calendar function can add the dates of live events to your calendar, but first you must synch them together. 

      Step One – from the Fast Track home page, find the Calendar on the bottom right of the screen. Then click on the right facing arrow pictured below. 

      Step Two – this will bring up a dialog box. Click on “Add Calendar” 

      Step Three – this will ask you to open Outlook and bring you to a page called “Subscribe from web”. In the Calendar Name field, put in “Fast Track to Digital Marketing” 

      Step Four – choose which calendar you’d like to add these events to. In most cases this should be “My Calendar”, as pictured below: 

       Step Five: Click “Import” and you’re done. If you encounter an issue, see the next FAQ. 

  • I’m unable to sync the programme dates with my Outlook calendar. What do I do?
    • We’re aware of issues with syncing the programme dates for users on the old version of the Outlook app. If the sync functionality isn’t working for you, please look out for and accept an Outlook invite from your Engagement Manager at Econsultancy to help you add the key dates to your calendar. 

Kick-off FAQ & platform walkthrough

How to use the Social Forum

Using the Forum is easy. Just click on the “Explore Herebutton on the Fast Track landing page, pictured below, to enter the forum. 

But the most value is in asking questions, and getting in discussions. There are three ways to post questions to the Forum.

Another option inside the Forum is the Ask The Expert button in the Questions and Answers tab, pictured here. 

Asking questions on the forum

Inside the Forum, you’ll see this icon in the top right corner of the screen. Just click on it to ask a question. 

Ask The Expert is also available in the burger menu in the top left corner of your navigation. 

From any course start page, just use the Question and Answer field, pictured below, to post a question that will be associated with that course. 

Want to share a link or piece of content to the Forum?

You’re our kind of learner!  

You can post URLS or links to videos from Vimeo or YouTube, as well as powerpoints, images or PDFs. 

Just click the red arrow inside the Forum page, pictured here, or the Contribute option in the burger menu in the top left navigation.