Have you heard of FatttPipe the ultra-reliable, ultra-fast new broadband?

Not FatPipe (that’s already a networks company) and not FattPipe (because someone already owns Fattpipe.com) but with three ‘t’s in the spelling – FatttPipe because it’s at least 3X faster.

You haven’t heard of FatttPipe? That’s probably because it doesn’t exist. But I need to repeat FatttPipe to get my keyword density up.

You see this is really a post about search marketing and brands…

My idea is quite simple (I think). Given some product areas are so ultra-competitive (broadband being an example) in terms of getting natural search rankings, or cost the earth in paid search marketing, then perhaps it is better to create a new name for something and then spend your money on marketing that?

Yes, you’ve got to spend a lot of money creating awareness and buzz around that new name, but at least you can absolutely dominate the search space – or at least should do if you know anything about search marketing.

Could you convince people that what they really needed wasn’t boring old ‘broadband’ (=old technology) but ‘FatttPipe’ – after all it’s more than 3X faster
and contains ADSLenhancer-iser_3.

OK, I’m being flippant, and aping the L’Oreal / Laboratoires Garnier-style beauty product approach (“now with Beautideflabinols 12 and Bumshrinkalids Z and Y”) but perhaps this wouldn’t be so dumb? Spend the big bucks you would have spent anyway on your ‘traditional’ above the line marketing and then monetise it all with not a competitor in site online at the lowest possible cost.

At the time of writing this there are 0 results on Google for a search on ‘Fatttpipe.  ‘.Come back in a few days… Let’s see if this little post can’t own the “Fatttpipe” space online.

[UPDATE: It’s now 28 Jan and I’m all over Google like a rash with my new broadband. Top of 100+ results – all of which appear to be coverage of my announcement anyway. Using a unique name also has the benefits of making tracking online PR / coverage / mentions / buzz etc. very easy!]

Because FatttPipe’s worth it.

Ashley Friedlein