While 90% of companies think that providing multichannel customer experience is important, just 4% claim to have the fully joined up systems and processes to give them a single view of the customer as they move between channels. 

This is one of the findings of Econsultancy’s Multichannel Customer Experience Report, produced in association with Foviance, and based on a survey of more than 500 companies and agencies. 

Gaining a single view of the customer

The report takes the Foviance Customer Experience Maturity Model (shown below) to ask respondents how close they are to “the holy grail” of a single view of a customer across channels. 

The model breaks this progress down into four phases based on long-term business performance and the approach to customer experience:

  • Cluttered: Operational systems and processes are tactical and single-channel driven. 
  • Considered: Individual systems and processes are customer focused but lack links cross-channel.  
  • Capable: Integrated systems and processes but not fully harnessed cross-channel.
  • Cultural: Fully integrated systems and processes harnessed cross-channel.

Foviance Customer Experience Model

So how close are companies to this single view of the customer? 

As shown below, the majority (68%) are still at the ‘cluttered’ or ‘considered’ phase, meaning they lack joined up systems and processes. Just 4% claim to have fully joined up systems and processes.  

Single view of the customer

Integration of channels with customer experience

According to company respondents, most organisations are trying to integrate systems, but the majority still have some way to go. 

Just under a third (31%) of companies say that the different customer channels relevant for them are quite well integrated into their overall customer experience strategy. Only 7% say that there is no integration, but 62% say that the channels are not very well integrated.

How well integrated are your different channels into your overall customer service strategy? 

Integration of channels

Barriers to improving multichannel customer experience 

No single issue stands out, but for 41% of respondents organisational structure is a significant barrier.

Next on the list, cited by 38% of respondents as one of the three biggest problems, is the complexity of customer experience. Given the growing number of touch points (mobile, phone, retail outlets, email, etc) this is perhaps no surprise. 

The third barrier for 34% is the difficulty of unifying different sources of customer data, which ties in with the previous two points about structure and complexity.