eBay released the infographic below this morning, as covered by Richard Brewer-Hay on the official eBay Ink blog.

Following the acquisition of recommendation engine Hunch for $80m in November of last year, eBay has been working quietly on using the company’s technology to revamp its own e-commerce recommendations.

This will in time enable the company to move beyond standard item-to-item recommendations and use a broader variety of members’ online tastes to suggest interesting items to purchase.

It’s the first we’ve seen on the integration of eBay and Hunch data, which this time looks at the differences between people who have bought or sold on eBay, and those who haven’t yet. It’s probably heartening to eBay that 66% of Hunch users already have. 

For now, this is just a fun teaser to show what can be done with the 85m responses to Hunch’s ‘Teach Hunch About You’ questions, but before long we should see some really interesting targeting and personalisation integrated into eBay. We can’t wait.