Heidi Hatfield complained about a sweet wrapper in her breakfast cereal.

Kellogg’s apologised rather formally and Heidi assured them she wasn’t too traumatised. Then she cheekily requested a visit from Tony the Tiger, Kellogg’s’ Frosties ambassador.

Tony duly turned up for a spot of breakfast.

Of course, you should never work with animals like tigers or dogs.


Nokia has a great tone on its main Twitter account. It tweets some cool content but let’s look at a bit of engagement.

This is just right on the money.


OK, it’s a bit easier in B2B digital publishing to have a lark on Twitter and engage a community. But still, here’s the magic touch of Matt Owen.


The #kissforpeace campaign wasn’t always particularly personal.

axe kissforpeace

And I’m not really a fan of its new advert. War is quite a difficult thing to play on.

But I must say, the part of the campaign where Axe showed some of the kisses on a giant screen in Time Square was pretty neat. 


I find even the simple hello from each social team member to be quite touching. Maybe I’m particularly emotional at the moment.

But the service levels are terrific. The stoicism has to be admired.

Great service, even for those with fruity handles.

Seen any other particularly touching or fun brands on Twitter?