Tom O’Leary at the Messaging Times has some sound advice to help you manage your Christmas email marketing campaigns.

Tom has five tips on how to streamline your email marketing to make the most of the Christmas retail season…

Get the calendar out:

“The timing of your holiday campaign is crucial. Think about days that might be ‘off days’ for your recipients and schedule your mailing around them.”

“Consider also that during the holiday season, workers might take more half days. Do you think it would be best if your mailing was delivered first thing in the morning? Think strategically.”


“Everyone is busy this time of year. Make your campaign easy to remember by focusing on one offer over a longer period rather than on multiple offers over shorter periods. One generous promotion will be remembered better amongst the multitude of competing offers sitting next to it in the inbox.”

Be compatible:

“There are more and more email clients and hosts out there. Your email looks different across many of them. If you haven’t already, open email accounts with as many different providers as possible so that you can test your message on Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook Express, MSN and others.”

“Also consider how your HTML will render in Firefox and IE. Do what you can to ensure that the quality of your message holds firm across multiple platforms. Sometimes, simplicity does wonders.”

Clear for landing:

“Don’t forget the ultimate goal of your campaign – conversions. How awful would it be if your holiday email campaign was successful at bringing customers to your site but failed to convert any of that traffic to sales?”

“Make your call-to-action clear and easy to take on your landing pages. Ensure that your shopping cart is working properly and trimmed down to expedite action.”

Be considerate:

“Increasing the frequency of your mailings during the holiday season might irritate some of your recipients who are accustomed to a regularly paced delivery cycle. “

“They might even think that it’s the start of a more aggressive strategy and request to opt-out. If you are going to increase the frequency of your mailing during the holidays, let your recipients know in advance, and specify what they can expect to receive from you during the period.”

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