Google Trends is a time vacuum. Many a time I’ve been lost, exploring abstruse, spurious and tantalising connections between search terms, instead of doing actual work.

Below, with more than a hint of my own tastes, I’ve screenshot some of what I consider to be dispiriting Google Trends (one of the more fun uses of Trends).

See if you agree with my pseudo-pop-culture laments. Yes, this is a pre-UK holiday post, a bit of fun, but, with the inclusion of YouTube search data in Google Trends as of this week, now is a great time to get stuck in yourselves.

‘People falling over’ VS ‘Titian’


‘Justin Bieber’ VS ‘Woody Guthrie’



‘Brunel’ VS ‘Backstreet Boys’


‘Jim Parsons’ (some dude from TV show, The Big Bang Theory) VS ‘Fred Hoyle’ (English Astronomer who coined the term ‘Big Bang’)


‘Exercise’ VS ‘Bacon’ (Bacon is in the ascendancy!)