1. Welcome visitors with a dedicated Valentine’s Day page

You don’t want to make people work to find what they want, so if they’re looking for Valentine’s gifts, then show them a page with gift ideas on it.

This also helps people who want to get something but who aren’t sure what. Packing your landing page with Valentine’s images, and suggestions of the kind of gifts you have to offer them will really draw people in and get them engaged right from the start.

2. Have special ‘for him’ and ‘for her’ pages

It can sometimes be difficult to find the right inspiration for your loved one, so give your visitors a helping hand with pages dedicated ‘for him’ and ‘for her’. 

Fill it with the classics (perfume, jewellery, watches etc.) and maybe a few off-the-wall novelty presents, and you’ll give visitors plenty of ideas to get them in the loving mood.

You could even trigger a live chat app based on how long a visitor has been on a particular page and help out those lost souls!

3. Provide size guides cheat-sheets for clothes as gifts

It may be a cliche, but sometimes people can be totally clueless about what size clothes their partners wear. For men, lingerie is particularly a minefield.

Providing detailed guides for your different sizes may just help visitors to get past this issue. If you can, include measurements and pictures of each size being worn by a model. Using virtual fitting technology can be another way around this.

Various technologies can be used which allow you to see what clothes look like in certain sizes so your customers can be more confident of getting the right size.

4. Trigger free delivery thresholds

Boosting conversions is important, but you should also be looking to increase average order value.

If you have an offer such as ‘spend £50 to get free delivery’, this is a great opportunity to suggest extra items to help users get this free shipping.

For example, skate site Active has a threshold of $99 for free shipping, and advises customers on the cart page when they are close to this. 

You can put small high-margin items such as teddy bears or chocolates as suggestions, and help get a bit more from your customers, while still offering them something good. 

5. Offer themed gift-wrapping to bring out the final touch

If you already offer gift-wrapping or have the capability to, then why not include special Valentine’s Day wrapping paper as an option?

You can use personalization to trigger a special layer when users have a certain number of items in their basket, or have bought particular Valentine-themed presents.

It might just provide the perfect touch for your customers. Put a box on your basket page letting people know about your wrapping options. If you already charge for it, you might just increase your average order value.