1. The Bright Future of Car Sharing

This is possibly my favourite interactive infographic of all time. The Bright Future of Car Sharing is an amazingly creative backdrop of mountains, rivers, and cities, with an absolute-positioned car that drives along the landscape as you scroll to the right.  

The information conveyed in this infographic is interesting and incredibly well presented in a way that’s fun to explore.

Since going live this infographic has generated over 1,600 tweets, 2,600 Facebook shares, and 844 total links (reported by OSE).

2. LRA Crisis Tracker 

Built by Invisible Children (the organisation behind the Kony 2012 campaign), this LRA Crisis Tracker is a great example of two key benefits of using interactive infographics over static ones: the ability to incorporate live data feeds, and the ability to incorporate pre-written tweets inside the infographic.  

The LRA Crisis Tracker sources real-time data about abductions & civilian deaths in Central Africa from UN agencies, Invisible Children’s early warning radio network, and local NGOs.

This data is then displayed in this interactive infographic. The ability to be consistently up-to-date and relevant enables this piece of content to remain as useful in a year’s time as it is today.

3. You Vs. John Paulson

The MahiFX ‘You vs. John Paulson’ infographic is a great example of how a disruptive company has used interactive infographics to punch above their weight in the search results.

The Forex Trading niche is incredibly competitive online, and while MahiFX still don’t rank on the first page for any big terms like ‘Forex Trading’, it’s likely that Google will continue to shine more light on them as an example of a more ethical approach to link building in the Forex niche.

The infographic is funny, frustrating and interesting in equal measures. Whatever way you look at it, being told that John Paulson earns your salary in a matter of minutes is going to provoke some emotional reaction. 

4. Breathing Earth

While it may not seem like a traditional infographic, the Breathing Earth website has many similar traits to an interactive infographic that make it ultra-shareable.

Using birth and death rate data from the 2010 CIA World Factbook, Breathing Earth shows how many people are being born or dying in each country and whether the population is rising or falling. It also shows statistics on carbon emissions in each country. 

Not only is the data shocking, topical, and something that many people feel strongly about, it’s also relevant to users all over the World, which explains why this page has been shared over 147,000 times on Facebook!  

5. The Scale of the Universe

The Scale of the Universe is a fun and fascinating interactive infographic which allows you to see just how small we are in comparison to the greater universe. By scrolling left and right you can see different objects scaled against each other.

This infographic has over 500,000 Facebook shares!