Skills diversification is taking place within existing roles

Paid search teams, for example, may be required to master programmatic bidding but let’s not forget that skills diversification applies to soft skills, too.

Those recruited to specialist digital roles are required to work with other teams and be good networkers. SEOs and CROs are no longer isolated specialists, they must be able to work with content teams, UX teams, development and marketing.

New roles are being defined to cover emerging disciplines

Where new skills are required that are not simply an extension of an existing role, new jobs are created. Roles such as Head of Programmatic are emerging in larger companies.

Some of these new roles will endure; others will evolve and be absorbed into existing digital roles.

As an interesting aside, the advertisement below, for Head of Programmatic, shows how job ads are now designed to appeal to the type of person that the business wants, not simply to list the responsibilities of the role.

This reflects the level of growth and dynamism within the sector.

job description for head of programmatic 

Digital capability is being mapped across the organisation, not just a silo in the digital team

The government is a good example of a large, traditional structure modernising with digital services. Changing organisational structures inevitably affects job descriptions and brings digital roles into teams where previously their were none.

The expansion of roles within established digital functions is continuing, too.

For example, where once a couple of analysts reported to a Head of Digital, now there are teams of analysts being managed by a data specialist.

A Head of Analytics may also dictate the activity of CRO specialists within category teams. This growth reflects technological development and the need for specialists.

Key functional skills like analytical thinking are becoming part of every digital role 

Organisational change (and the emphasis on digital’s importance across the business) demands more functional skills from specialists and an ability to apply their knowledge in context.

Organisations are increasing the focus on insourcing to build up internal capability

More companies are assessing agency relationships and using their contractors for specialist or tactical work. Core staff in house are the basis for a solid strategy and are more cost effective long-term.

Whilst not all skills are required in house, a balancing act needs to be achieved.

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