Steve Callanan

Steve is CEO of wireWAX, which is a free platform which allows users to make their videos interactive. Videos have clickable hotspots which allow ecommerce functionality to be added. 

This has worked well for many brands. For example, Canadian retailer Essence made $85,000 in sales from one such video. 

View the full presentation here. 

Simon Andrews

Simon from Addictive looks at the future of mobile. According to Andrew, ‘the future of mobile is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed’. 

Unruly. Here she looks at seven trends for social video, including the ‘trend to offend’. 

View the full presentation here.

Mark Cridge

Mark is Director of Consulting at BERG, and here he talks about Little Printer… 

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Dr Kate Stone

Dr Kate is Founder and MD at Novalia, and here she talks about bringing ordinary things to life. 

In this presentation, she used Bluetooth and magnetic inks to make paper drum kits and record decks. 

View the full presentation here.