Many big media companies are still trying to figure out how to cash in on the internet, but for some talented and lucky individuals, the internet has proven to be the perfect place to cash in on big media.

Recently, I wrote about the success realized by the creator of Sh*t My Dad Says. Thanks to a 700,000 strong following on Twitter, 28 year-old Justin Halpern was able to land a book deal and television comedy project before he hit 100 tweets.

But Halpern’s big break looks incredibly small compared to that of Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Alvarez. According to the BBC, he has been offered a $30m contract to produce a Hollywood sci-fi film for Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures. Raimi, of course, is well-known for his work on the Spiderman films and Evil Dead series.

Who is Alvarez? Alvarez is a professional (one blog describes him as “an FX guy and commercial director“), but you (and the rest of the world) hadn’t heard of him before. How did he land such a deal? One word: YouTube.

Alvarez produced a 4 minute and 48 second short film entitled ‘Ataque de Panico!’, embedded below. In it, robots invade Montevideo and destroy the city. It’s an impressive piece of work, and looks like something produced in Hollywood.

Yet Alvarez reportedly only spent $300 producing it, and thanks to the viral nature of YouTube, it has attracted over one and a half million views. The quality and the popularity of Alvarez’s short film were apparently enough to convince all of Hollywood that Alvarez is hot stuff. That led to the whopping $30m deal that’s being reported.

Needless to say, if the deal goes through, Alvarez might just have one of the biggest internet success stories in the world of entertainment. And it’s another example of how talented people can use the internet to promote their work. Sometimes it leads to great stories like this. Stories themselves worthy of their own Hollywood movies perhaps.

Photo credit: DominusVobiscum via Flickr.