Leon Bailey Green gives organic stores five online marketing tips…

1. Team up with other stores

Consider contra promotional deals with other online stores which sell different organic and ethical products to you. Partnering up with another organic shop is a great way to tap into a very relevant user audience. 

If you sell organic beauty products team up with an organic food store to promote each other in your email receipts.

2. Informative Videos

Use video to educate and inform your customers, and potential customers, on the process of getting the product to their door.

If you sell organic vegetables, make a video featuring a farmer explaining the growing of the vegetables, and how it gets from the farm to someone’s kitchen.

3. State the benefits

Throughout your website demonstrate the benefits of buying organic by using statistics and figures. These can help to reassure your customer that you truly know, and care, about organic produce.

4. Get listed on organic directories

Make sure your website is listed on organic web directories. These links will direct traffic to your website, and help to elevate your search engine listings.

5. Informative landing pages

If you’re an organic beauty product store you may want to consider creating informative landing pages on skin conditions.

As an example this would mean people searching Google for ‘eczema’ would find your website, allowing you to recommend relevant organic beauty products.

Leon Bailey Green 

 is an online media professional for fashion, beauty and celebrity.

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