If carried out correctly, a paid search campaign can be a cost-effective method of generating new revenues and repeat business, as outlined in our recent

Paid Search Marketing (PPC) Business Case


Paid search is the fastest method of getting your website up the search rankings. This can be done within hours of setting up an account and selecting your keywords.

Here are five reasons why your website should have a paid search strategy…

  1. Paid search can drive sales
    Want more customers? More leads? More sales? E-commerce is booming and it is driven by search, so a paid search campaign can ensure you’re seen by the millions of consumers who use search engines every day.
  2. Brand awareness

    Paid search campaigns can help your customers to find you. Remember that people go to Google with something already in mind. What triggers this behaviour?

    Marketers often use paid search ads as ‘signposts’ to help people who have watched their TV ads to find their way. This is what multichannel marketing is all about.

  3. Unhappier competitors

    Your competitors are likely to be investing in paid search marketing, even if you aren’t. And if they are, you need to quickly start to compete with them in this area.

    To get the advantage you need to improve conversion rates on your website. Converting more customers will allow you to outbid competitors in the long run.

  4. It’s deeply demand-driven…

    Search is truly a demand-driven media. Consumers tell us what they are looking for via search queries. Google returns what it believes are the most relevant results (the ‘organic listings’), while also matching the user’s search query with Adwords ads (‘sponsored links’).

    Make your ad compelling to entice searchers to respond by clicking through to your site.

  5. It benefits your website

    Paid search provides you with real data that can help you develop the usability and conversion rates on your website. Focus on how paid search visitors convert, and look at ways of improving the conversion path.

    Paid search is very good in this respect – it forces you to analyse and improve the customer journey / checkout path.

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Paid Search Marketing (PPC) Business Case,

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