Leon Bailey Green gives fashion retailers five tips to think about for increasing revenue and sales.

1. “Pay Day” Orders

It’s great being able to pre-order items not yet stocked, and it’s even better to save them in a fashion or social bookmarking site (such as OSOYOU or Furl), but where’s the in-between?

Luxury fashion and beauty purchases are usually more likely to take place when the buyer is in the money, i.e. pay day. Why not let people go to checkout with their order on the promise that the order will not be shipped or billed until their specified pay day?

That way when they’re browsing the website during a mid month lunchtime, they can buy without feeling guilty!

2. Video

When you’re in a clothing store the other shoppers help to create the vibe of the store. Video can be used to create the same atmosphere for a fashion retail website.

Creating videos with tips from fashion and beauty experts will make people feel they’re not alone in using the store. Visitors want to feel there is someone on the other side of their laptop!

Videojug leads the way with expert beauty videos, and it can create the same feeling when you’re walking past the beauty counter in a department store watching people have their make-up done.

Visitors also want confidence in the product. Sell designer bags at a discount prices? Try this.

3. Visitor Monetisation

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who came to your store (online or offline) was going to make a purchase? Unfortunately, people do window shop.

At least the internet allows you to monetise those window shoppers by providing them with relevant advertising.

Some may say advertising causes people to click off the website, making them less likely to purchase, though I would argue any visitors anywhere near the stage of purchasing would ignore the ads.

Anyway, if it’s good enough for Amazon

4. Look like your visitor

People associate with advertising images that looks like them. Or images that they aspire to look like.

Fashion and beauty have an element of both, so if you can profile your visitors and identify them via logins or cookies consider showing them clothing items on model images that will appeal to them.

This is particularly important for fashion brands that appeal to people of different ages.

5. And finally, Shazam for fashion?

OK, so they say technology can do anything, but can a computer tell you which shop to buy an item from just by giving it a photo?

Imagine if, like Shazam, when you hold your phone to music and it identifies the song, you could text a photo of a clothing item, either on someone or in a shop, and have the links of where to buy the item, or a similar looking item, online emailed to you. How great would that be?

Leon Bailey Green

– online media professional for fashion, beauty and celebrity.