display ad creative formatsFlash may not be Steve Jobs’ favorite ad technology, but it, together with other rich media applications, accounts for a hefty 40 percent of online display advertising impressions.

The finding was released by comScore in study of the sizes, formats, and types of display ads used by advertisers on
publisher sites.

In April of this year, nearly 60 percent of US display ad impressions standard GIF or JPEG. The latter accounted for 42.4 percent of ad

display ad creative formats

Overall, ads are getting bigger. Leaderboard banners (728 x 90) were the most
commonly viewed display ad by size. While the study takes pains to point out subtle differences in whether the square is more popular than the rectangle as a creative format, it’s more notable that pop-ups continue to be near-extinct, and that the Online Publisher Association’s three creative formats, now over a year old, are for all intents and purposes stillborn, accounting for a negligible 0.1 percent of display impressions.

Jeff Hackett, comScore SVP pointed up ad impressions are up 15 percent over the same period last year, saying, “One of the several
drivers of strength in this market has been the innovation occurring
with respect to ad units, as larger and more engaging creative ad
formats are employed.”