Resources from the Festival of Marketing

We hope you enjoyed this week as much as we did. To tide you over till next year we have some reading and resources that may interest you. There is something for everyone, have a look below to find out more.

Joined up Customer Experience Resources


Digital Content Strategy
26 November, 2013

Designed to develop a content strategy to deliver specific, measurable results and establish a business-case for content strategy within your organisation.

Managing Digital Teams training
21 March, 2014

Aimed at promoting future growth by integrating and managing the digital talent within your business.

B2B Marketing Resources


Social Media & Online PR (B2B)
7 November, 2013

Designed to align your B2B social media strategy against business objectives and apply a rigorous planning process to all stages of the social media lifecycle.

Advanced Email Marketing
28 February, 2014

Will teach you and your team to use the latest email marketing techniques and address strategies for delivering success.

Data-Driven Marketing


Google Analytics: Optimising your site
16 January, 2014

Will help you improve your tracking, website and marketing campaign efficiency whilst having an industry expert review your website.

Masterclass in Integrated Analytics
3 December, 2013

Is designed to develop on-going optimisation plans, integrate your online and offline data and analysis and perform granular and predictive analysis.

Creative Marketing


Econsultancy has produced a report on the Winners of The Digitals. The report showcases the winning submissions for creativity and innovation, and ROI.
View the report here.


Econsultancy have partnered with Creative Review to deliver cutting-edge training designed with creative professionals in mind. Take a look at the exciting courses coming up here.

Fast Track for Creatives
22 October, 2013

Is ideal for creative professionals wanting to better understand the implications of designing for digital.

Creating Superior Customer Experiences
21 November, 2013

Is designed to help one understand the ‘Total Customer Experience’ – integrating across channels and beyond the limited online transaction.

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