A year ago, Instagram had 12m users around the world and the company used video embedded from other platforms around the web when it was called for on the internal blog.

Fast forward 12 short months and the app is the go-to sharing site for food, feet and pet pics to over 80m users globally. With this sort of built in traction, and an aquisition by Facebook, the next logical step, Instagram video, is now live and here to stake a claim towards some of the enormous traction apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp have cornered.

Read on for some of the early brand adopters getting busy with Instagram video.

Ford Motor Company

Being a red-blooded American and no stranger to the gas pedal, I had to go here first.

Using the hashtag #FordTrends, the Ford Instagram channel is piggybacking off the engagement already created around the “Fiestagram” campaign to get Instagram users talking about the Fiesta’s handling capabilities.

The video footage itself is of a Fiesta in an autocross circuit (most likely in Europe) and I gotta say…I didn’t know it could move like that!


As someone who just switched from T-Mobile to AT&T Wireless in the New York City area, I can see this going quite wrong, but T-Mobile have their #Hate2Wait campaign up and running through heavy use of video and it’s seeing some heavy engagement.

The carrier is going through great lengths (waving contracts, allowing easy hardware upgrades) in order to keep up with the fact that it is losing out coverage-wise to AT&T and Verizon.

Through voting for your favorite campaign story, users can win free Galaxy S4.

Sundance Institute

Sundance, due to its celebrity status and appeal, became one of the hotspots that created several influential Instagramers, but the brand is awesomely giving back right now by showcasing tips from directors and film alumni in quick 15 second bursts.

Nice one guys!


Red Vines

I don’t see a hashtag, event, or competition tied into Red Vines Instagram feed, but therein lies the beauty.

The iphoneography is beautiful, and their latest video, which is just a sweeping shot of an Americana picnic smorgasbord is enough to make me want to go buy a pack. Plus Grapevines??? I DIDN’T KNOW!!!

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Finally, instead of asking for readers to post their favorite brands already on Instagram, I thought I’d ask for a wishlist of sorts for ones you’d like to see getting busy with video.

Audi, for example, has done some amazing things with video marketing and are heavy Instagram marketers, but at time of this writing, have not posted video yet.