Here in the UK we don’t appreciate how big a deal Halloween is in other parts of the world, particularly in the US, where some folks are lobbying for it to become a national holiday!

We know that brands love seasonal events like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, as it gives them a hook on which hang a marketing campaign. Halloween too, presumably. It invites marketers to put their Scream masks on and get creative…

So it surprised me to find that there is little going on out there. Are brands missing a trick here? Or is Halloween not such a big deal after all?

Anyway, here are four examples of Halloween-themed campaigns that use social media platforms to engage people in the most ghoulish ways possible. There may be the odd takeaway here to keep in mind when running your next seasonal campaign, Halloween or otherwise.


The retailer is really going for it this Halloween, with a joined up approach combining an online marketing campaign and offline store makeovers around the Zombie Shopper theme. 

The firm has a great engagement strategy already, having already adopted ‘social shopping’ and embraced the key social media platforms. But now the undead can shop for bargains! There’s a dedicated Twitter feed to help new(zom)bies to shop.

Check out the Zombie version of its homepage. You may need to ‘Switch to English’ in the event that you’re not fluent in ‘Zombian’. Or to put it another way: “Baghah, rannah ah bangaz. Brnhr.”

Sears has also created a bunch of videos to support the campaign. This one has racked up 68,000 views on YouTube:

Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The owner of Singapore Zoo and Night Safari has created a viral video that is best viewed in full screen, in a dark room, with the sound turned up, and with your face two inches away from the screen. The detail in those bats is incredible. But did you spot the hidden message? 

There’s more than just a video though. The firm has temporarily replaced its website with for the duration of the campaign, which is supported by a presence on Twitter and Facebook.

Nightmare on 13th Street

This “well-known haunted house” commissioned, which allows people to, erm, collect severed heads. It’s simply a case of taking or choosing a picture, cleaving one’s skull, and then sharing the picture via Facebook and Twitter integration. Lovely!

Death By Orgasm

Our friends at Lovehoney invite you to kill yourself with pleasure. Depending on where you work, this may not be safe for work!

I’m sure there must be some others out there. What did I miss?