The importance of flexibility

Previously we’ve spoken about the importance of agile marketing on the Econsultancy blog, and within search marketing there is definitely something to be said with how to respond rapidly to opportunities and threats (Ann Summers, the lingerie brand, being an interesting example).

One area we want to explore is the flexibility in budgets and resourcing that search marketers have to make the most of their dynamic world. We’re also going to be seeing whether increased flexibility results in better business results.

The raison d’être of search marketing

As budgets change, siloes blur, marketing integrates and algorithms change, we want to see whether the received wisdoms around the purposes of different areas of search marketing still apply.

Is there a role for improving brand metrics with paid search? Can SEO be used to achieve customer service objectives? Are other marketing disciplines eating their breakfast?

We’re hoping to explore these in more detail.

The untapped potential of search marketing

Some of the greatest marketing successes come from a creative application of existing tools, techniques and methods. Does search marketing have some secrets to reveal in this area?

Let us know so we can share them with the community!

The significance of the latest trends

Everyone knows that search marketers love to receive the latest news. So are some of the more recent things flying around making a real impact on the bottom line, or are they a lot of hot air?

As well as the obvious ones such as Hummingbird, Enhanced Campaigns and the importance of mobile, we’ll be exploring some other trends. But to find out what they are before anyone else does, you’ll have to take the survey!

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