1. Links (obviously)

Example: http://neomam.com/infographics/50-insane-facts-about-australia-infographic/


The infographic went live around October and we can see the initial push of links at this time. However, as the months progressed, more domains linked to the content as more eyes viewed the content.

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that the infographic goal was not links. It was produced primarily for traffic driving, building brand awareness and driving traffic back to the Facebook competition page.

This is one of the reasons the client was happy to host it on our site.

2. Traffic

page views

You can see the initial outreach period kicking in mid-November, but since then the infographic has attracted a large amount of traffic throughout the year. In total it has had just over 200,000 unique visitors since it went live.

Each spike in traffic leads to more eye balls viewing the content and improving the chances of getting even more links.

Even 10 months since the infographic went live it was still receiving 200+ visitors.

3. Social



One of the simplest things that anyone starting off in content marketing needs to do, is provide simple and easy to use share buttons for the top social media sites.

We use AA’s Digg Digg Alternative as its runs fast and is relatively simple. But if you want something really awesome then it’s probably worth getting a developer to create something custom.

The infographic went ‘viral’ on Stumbleupon and we were then able to recycle this traffic to provide a push through to Facebook, as Stumbleupon users clicked ‘like’ and ‘share’.

4. Ranking


When you build links to relevant pages you also benefit from the long term Google ranking. Now, this might not be your money keywords but if you pick the right content idea then this could be a great long term provider of relevant traffic.

Our Australia infographic now ranks in position five on Google.com for “Facts about Australia” which has driven 2,230 visitors over the last few months.



I want this case study to hopefully show you that great content is not just about the links you get in the first month, but is an asset that can support your website in the long term.