The founder of Gymbox obviously agrees. A company that aims to turn working out into a fun, friendly and community-driven experience – it’s a great example of how to use tone of voice to stand out from the pack.

Here are four things we can learn from it.

Establishing brand values

Gymbox has a clearly defined brand identity. It’s all about using exercise to ‘excite, energise and ignite’ – and appealing to an audience looking for the same experience. 

The brand’s bold design and quirky copywriting is naturally shaped by this.

Wherever you look on the website, social media or in the physical gyms themselves – it is constantly emphasising its USP as an ‘antidote to boring gyms’.

Using relatability and humour

Gymbox is not afraid to use humour and pop culture references to engage its audience.

Many gyms can sound rather bland, merely focusing on the ‘innovative equipment’ or wide range of facilities it might have.

In comparison, Gymbox utilises quirky copy to break free of this image, often using puns and tongue-in-cheek comments to disrupt assumptions about the gym industry.

Focus on consistency and building customer loyalty

Cheeky taglines such as “An essential part of an unhealthy lifestyle” are refreshing and humorous, much like the rest of its online presence.

It executes a consistent and unwavering tone across all its social media channels, enticing customers to come back for the brand experience just as much as the works out themselves.


Promoting community events and personalisation

Marketing itself as a gym that’s ‘as much fun as going out’, Gymbox cleverly uses this notion to build customer engagement through socials and events.

It holds club nights and often sets up spontaneous events on Twitter. 

During the recent heatwave in London, it asked Gymbox members to meet outside its Holborn location for a water fight. 


Gymbox is a great example of a brand that has made tone of voice a priority, which in turn, shapes and inspires its entire marketing efforts.

With its conversational and cheeky style, it certainly succeeds in making going to the gym sound like fun.

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