1) Metrics matter!

Take the time to explain how analytics/metrics were planned from the start and then tracked. Were the campaign/project objectives clearly stated and did the team have an understanding to work towards?

Ciaran Norris from Mindshare told us:

I think that we need to get away from the days of doing things just because they’re new, or will get PR In the tech press, and hope that we are.

2) Using tech to get creative and innovate

A number of technology trends were mentioned by our panel that can be used to foster creative innovation.

Among those mentioned were:

  • ‘Showrooming’, using the digital world presented through mobile to drive action on the High Street.
  • Augmented reality.
  • The ‘internet of things – the link between objects in the real world and relaying data via the internet.
  • Social graphs.

Nicolas Roope of Poke told us:

I think corporates are still struggling because the status of digital activities is still too low and too peripheral in their cultures to really exploit its’ power (which is ultimately to connect things together not keep them separate).

3) Hot sectors

According to our judges, hot sectors that should definitely be entering include:

  • Travel.  
  • Retail (especially those with a multichannel approach to the High Street.
  • Big brands acting as publishers through the content marketing revolution. 
  • Mobile payment or couponing campaigns

4) Effective business results 

Proving results on the bottom line are crucial, and ROI is a metric that can be used across organisations large and small.

Matthew Timms of Santander told us:

I will be looking for two things, have entries been able to innovate and bring customers a value proposition that is differential and creates cut through in the marketplace, and have entries have been able to deliver real tangible results in terms of business / ROI or customer benefits.

The official awards judging criteria is outlined here.

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