Multichannel support

Live chat is becoming increasingly important in a variety of sectors. Telecoms is an area where it will become increasingly prevalent, with a mix of poor websites and complicated billing leading many to call contact centres that are often overwhelmed.

Live chat allows for a number of simultaneous queries for each agent and it can ensure quicker reply and resolution for the customer. For The Times, live chat is a great boon to customer support but also conversion (see below). And customers love it.

Of course, there are still customers more comfortable calling a contact centre, which The Times offers. There are also extensive FAQs provided in an effort to reduce the cost to serve as far as possible (and to delight the customer).

Live chat for support

live chat The Times

..and conversion.

livechat the times

Added value to digital subscriptions

The move from ownership to digital subscription in media has meant paywall newspapers such as The Times have needed to add value to memberships.

They need to do this to elevate a paid digital offering (or digital and print) above the millions of free media offerings online. If The Guardian website and majority of its app content is free, why should I pay to access The Times?

Well, leaving political allegiance aside, the reason one might be tempted is because of the associated ‘stuff and opportunities’. Not all of it is free, some of it is merely exclusive, but that’s equally as enticing.

This ‘stuff and opportunities’ is potentially a new revenue stream for The Times. It means new partners or new angles for existing partners.

The added value of an iPad Mini!

ipad mini the Times

The Times+ is the name given to the members club offering ‘private events and mingling with other Times+ members’!

times plus

Affiliate deals work well with membership due to a well qualified audience. This provides more exclusive offers for subscribers.

deals with the times

Choice and unbundling

No fewer than eight membership packages are offered, depending on combination of print and digital, The Times and Sunday Times, and whether you take out a trial (and I think there are more packages out there I didn’t find).

This choice, giving the customer a price they will likely pay more than and a price they might not stretch to just yet is of course good psychology.

Take a look at the options by clicking through below and note how the trial option doesn’t come with a free iPad Mini. That iPad is a pretty big carrot with which to lure customers in for 18 months.

As well as choice, unbundling is increasingly important for newspapers. The Times isn’t doing this yet but if you look at the New York Times, which is taking the lead in this area, you can see products such as the NYT Now app, designed to be affordable for snacking readers that aren’t yet ready to subscribe in full.

Choice, click through to see the membership packages.

the times 

New York Times unbundling of products.

new york times subscriptions


On a web design note, The Times membership pages are all scrollable, look nice and big on tablet and include full page video in the sports section.

This design element is something The Sun is playing catch up on. The more persuasive, interactive and long the membership page is, the greater the possiblity of signing customers up.

Click through to see full page video.

the times sports

Long membership product pages can continue to persuade the customer as they scroll.

the times membership 

the times membership