All Econsultancy paid members now have access to free hot desking in central London at Lemon Studios

Lemon Studios provides co-working space for digital marketing and technology firms, small agencies, freelancers and contractors. It is based right in the heart of Clerkenwell, just around the corner from the Econsultancy HQ.

Lemon Studios recently expanded and now accommodate more than 100 people. The expansion includes a new dedicated hotdesking area, which provides people with a creative environment to work from in central London.

This is an ideal scenario for agencies based outside of London, as staff can use Lemon Studios as a base when they’re in town for client meetings and pitches. It is also perfect for startups, especially one- or two-man bands. 

The amount of hot desking available each calendar quarter varies based on the paid membership level you have:

  • Silver members: one day per quarter
  • Gold members: three days per quarter
  • Platinum and Diamond members: five days per quarter

If you would like to visit Lemon Studios and make a reservation then please contact them in advance to book a space (remember to tell them that you’re an Econsultancy paid member).

Please note: This offer is only valid in 2010 and subject to availability. 

Happy hot desking!