The French government has instructed Greenpeace to remove a webpage featuring a customised Google Map with details of the locations of Monsanto’s genetically-modified cornfields.

The ban, issued via a French court, flies in the face of EU law, which states that this sort of information should be made available to the public by governments.

Greenpeace removed the page as requested but rather than taking it offline altogether, it has simply moved it away from French servers and republished it on its international website, based in Amsterdam.

The charity also went one better, by physically raiding one of the fields to carve out a giant X ‘crop circle’.

“As we are now forbidden to publish these maps of GE maize on our webpage, we have gone into the fields and marked the field for real,”
said Arnaud Apoteker, of Greenpeace France.

Isn’t it great to see charities using mashups to raise awareness?