HTML5 is coming. For some, it won’t come soon enough; for others, there’s still skepticism about HTML5’s importance.

For front-end developers and designers who are tasked with building websites, HTML5 will eventually almost certainly have a significant impact on the process of turning ideas and designs into functional web pages.

On Tuesday, the W3C Working group published the first draft of HTML5: Edition for Web Authors. The document discussing the HTML5 specification. Leaving out all of the extraneous technical details, it focuses on what front-end folks will need to know.

HTML5: Edition for Web Authors discusses everything HTML5, from elements and attributes to metadata and embedded content.

For instance, if you’re wondering about the new article element, or the new progress element, the W3C’s document provides all of the information you need — from DOM documentation to code samples.

As Scott Gilbertson at Webmonkey notes, “the HTML5 spec is written for browser makers, not web developers, and contains highly technical and very esoteric language“, making it difficult for developers and designers who didn’t want to completely geek out to start exploring the HTML5 specification.

Now, those who want to get a head start on HTML5, which probably isn’t a bad idea, have the means to do so.