E-consultancy has just published a Future of Online briefing, the latest in a series of roundtable reports which are free to registered users.

It’s challenging enough for marketers to keep up-to-date with what is happening in 2007, but it is still essential to keep an eye on developments around the corner. The digital sector is moving forward at a furious pace.

Some of the topics discussed at the roundtable included:

Search Engine Marketing

The continued evolution of search marketing and blurring of the lines between SEO, social marketing, reputation management and PR …

Mobile Marketing (including Mobile Search)

Will users treat mobile search differently or will it become the mirror image of how people are searching on their PCs?

Online Advertising 

The accountablility of online advertising will help to ensure its continued growth but there are still some barriers in the way.

Atomisation, Distribution and Reconfiguration

This briefing contains a taster on this subject …

What does it mean for your brand? We are talking about the impact of RSS / feeds, Widgets, APIs ….

Companies think of their websites as a destination but the reality is that content and brands are being consumed in other places.”

This will be one of the main topics covered at E-consultancy’s What’s New in Online Marketing event at the end of June.

Those interested in attending can book now.

You can download the full Future of Online roundtable briefing here.

The roundtable panel included representatives from: AKQA, BCA, COI, Conchango, DNA, Esure, Interactive Marketing Works, Legal and General, Neutralize, RBI and Steak Media.