This briefing on future trends in customer data platforms reproduces content from Econsultancy's CDP Best Practice Guide.

Organising large amounts of customer data is becoming a huge challenge for marketers who want a ‘360 degree view’ of their customers. Customer data platforms (CDPs) offer a way for organisations to bring together disparate customer data into one place, to allow for the easy sharing of this information with other systems.

Econsultancy's CDP Best Practice Guide explains what CDPs are, what they can help marketers do and how they might change the marketing technology landscape in years to come.

Although CDPs are a relatively new addition to the toolkit of marketers, the technology and the market is evolving extremely quickly. To be on the front foot, it is helpful to keep an eye on future industry trends.

This briefing will cover:

  • Emergence of a wider user base of CDPs
  • Influence of new technology on CDPs
  • Increased focus on privacy
  • Industry evolution

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