Consumers are less likely to recommend a gambling brand based on good customer experience than companies in the retail, mobile, banking and travel sectors. 

Just 47% of consumers would endorse a gambling brand, compared with a high of 73% for retailers, and 64% for mobile phone brands, the second lowest score. 

With the help of Toluna Quick, we surveyed 5,000 UK consumers in September as part of our research for the Econsultancy / Foviance Multichannel Customer Experience Report

Here are some of the findings from the gaming section of the accompanying consumer survey report… 

Customer experience: areas for improvement

Of course, gambling customers want the best odds for their bets, but beyond that, a user-friendly website, efficient customer service and quick resolution of problems are key areas where customers want to see some improvement. 

Indeed, it’s interesting that a user-friendly website is so high on the list, which reflects the importance and rapid growth of online gambling. 

Which channels are gaming customers using? 

Online is king here, with 44% betting using a desktop computer, mobile or tablet, and just 26% heading to the local bookies. 

Use of mobile for betting is more prevalent in the 18 to 34 age group, with 15% placing a bet on their phones in the past six months. 

Use of tablets and mobile for gaming

Various gaming brands have been promoting their mobile sites and apps, and mobile represents a real opportunity, with the chance to appeal to customers when they are at a sporting event, or watching football in the local pub. 

This will be a massive growth area in the next few years, but the results suggest that the mobile user experience could be improved. 

56% of customers rated the mobile experience as good or excellent, compared with 67% for desktop. 12% rated it as poor or very poor. The same figure for desktop users was just 5%. 

According to the survey results, the user experience on tablets sits somewhere in the middle, a trend which was repeated across the five sectors in the report. 

Why customers close accounts

33% of respondents said they had opened a betting account and stopped using it. The reasons given include several usability issues which gambling brands can work on to reduce churn.

It’s also interesting that if companies didn’t have a mobile version of the service, or the mobile offering was poor, then this was enough to deter 7% of respondents.