I’ve wondered for a while why some established retailers haven’t been selling online, given the growth of e-commerce and the potential for extra revenues.

Gap is a prime example of this; despite having a successful e-commerce operation in the US, it has never transferred this to the UK, despite being a recognisable brand with a high street presence in the UK.

However, as announced earlier this year, it has finally started selling its clothes online in the UK, but instead of opening its own site, it has got ASOS to do the job.

ASOS seems to be offering only a limited range of Gap’s clothing so far, but it is a smart move for the etailer to attract shoppers searching for Gap’s products online in the UK; it is using paid search ads for this at the moment.

I’m puzzled why Gap has chosen this route to sell online in the UK though, since it already has an e-commerce site in the US, as well as (presumably) the knowledge and experience of running an online operation.

Perhaps it is using this option to test the waters in the UK, and may choose to open its own UK website in future if the experiment works out, and by partnering with one of the most popular online retailers in the UK, it stands a good chance of being successful.

From Gap’s perspective, it will at last be attracting some custom from
the UK’s online shoppers, but it seems odd that it hasn’t just opened
its own UK e-commerce site.