Welcome to your GDPR Survival Pack

Struggling to find your way through the GDPR jungle? Dive into our GDPR survival pack, crammed with emergency supplies for your journey to becoming GDPR ready.



Can’t see the forest for the trees? Light your way through with our handy guide.

Get an in-depth understanding of the upcoming legislation and how it will impact the marketing industry – the challenges & opportunities, tips & best practice, and expert advice.

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GDPR on-demand webinar

The compass to guide you on your journey.

Access our on-demand webinar recording to learn about the challenges and opportunities of GDPR, and hear about what marketers like you should be most aware of.

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GDPR Essentials for marketers

Online course.

These boots are made for… learning.

Our online course walks you through the GDPR fundamentals, and crucially - how to apply them. It takes around 14 hours to complete but you'll have access for 30 days, so you can learn at your own pace.


GDPR Essentials for marketers

Face-to-face training.

Find your way through the GDPR jungle with a roadmap like no other.

Our 1 day face-to-face training course is here to lead the way – fast. You’ll learn about the changes that are coming and more importantly, how to incorporate them into what you do every day.



Fuel up with our snackable GDPR videos.

Snack on our 7 GDPR video modules to get a quick but comprehensive overview of the key elements and what these mean for you, in just 2-3 minutes per video.

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