This week is a mixed bag of cars and music in our weekly showcase of The Dachis Group’s Social Business Index. Our focus is on two well-known brands – General Mills and Kia Motors – as analyzed by the team at the Dachis Group.

We’ll also take a glimpse at the top twenty brands on the Social Business Index, a real-time ranking of more than 30,000 global brands based on their performance in the social space, to see how the biggest brands in social are faring.

General Mills
Analyzed by Lizzie Steen

As the month of December progresses, consumers become more immersed in the spirit of the season. At Betty Crocker, its no different, where seasonal posts consistently dominate the social content of the General Mills’ subsidiary. Holiday food posts featuring the home baked goods of Mrs. Betty Crocker fill loyal fans with winter glee. One delectable photo showed off the iconic woman’s skill at transforming cupcakes into faux hot chocolate. These chocolate cakes featured a pretzel mug handle and icing marshmallows. 

While the post’s subject appeared outwardly simple, the photo’s response revealed the more complex. With 16,000 likes, 4,000 shares, and 200 comments, Betty Crocker definitely knows how to keep its customer’s engaged.  The company brought merriment and cheer with matching red and white striped treats. 

Almost 400 people responded directly to Betty Crocker when it asked consumers if they could guess what was inside the Santa-themed desserts. While no response was ultimately revealed, the treats still garnered 14,000+ likes and 2,000+ shares. Perhaps other food mavens could learn from Betty Crocker’s ability to drive engagement by capitalizing on the excitement of the holidays (and the allure of dessert).

Kia Motors
Allison Squires

Kia Motors’ Worldwide Facebook page’s most popular post last week was a pinned post that drove high engagement partly due to paid support, and partly due to the sunset image of the shiny Kia Quoris. 

Another popular post encouraged fans to make a Kia New year’s greeting card for their friend. While the link drew fans away from Facebook, it led them to spread the word about Kia to their personal networks. 

One thing that Kia’s Facebook page does well is to draw viewers into a post with a picture then links the viewer to more visual content on, driving engagement and positively influencing purchase behavior for the future.

Editors note: The Social Business Index, a free ranking compiled by The Dachis Group, is based on the analysis of conversations on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms. The index is based on the execution and effectiveness of businesses at driving outcomes such as brand awareness, content sharing, and advocacy.