Mobile app store GetJar announced today that it has received $11m (£7.4m) in Series B funding from Accel Partners. 

GetJar is the second largest mobile app store. and unlike Apple, it is an open ecosystem, providing apps for smartphones and feature phones across a range of platforms. 

By taking an alternative approach to Apple’s closed apps strategy, GetJar has carved out a significant slice of the non-Apple mobile apps market. With the growth in smartphones using Android, Windows mobile and Symbian. 

This cross-platform approach is also potentially valuable for brands and publishers to reach the broadest possible range of consumers, while some studies suggest that other phones, including Symbian and Windows phones, outperform the iPhone in terms of click through rates for mobile ads. 

The company recently reached the milestone of 1 billion apps downloaded from its store, and it now has upwards of 65,000 apps available to mobile users in 200 countries. 

When we talked to GetJar CEO ILja Laurs recently, he predicted that ‘the battle of the app stores will culminate in a dramatic change to the market over the next 12-18 months, and at least 90% of app stores will fail.’

With this new round of funding, which follows a Series A round worth $6bn in 2007,  which will be invested in its technology and consumer facing websites, GetJar looks well placed in this battle of the app stores. .