We’ve just launched our 2009 Breakfast Briefing sessions which aim to give digital marketers a quick digital boost before the day starts. The short sessions start at 8.30am and finish at 10.15am and are intentionally designed to give quick actionable tips that you can return to the office and actually action straight away.

Our first session ‘Optimising your Digital Business using the 80:20 rule
‘ works on the premise that in many digital campaigns there are a lot
of quick and easy wins which will significantly improve your ROI and
yet most businesses are missing the opportunity to do so.

Mike Baxter and Robert Colquhoun will take us on a quick run through eight of these basic areas and ask us to consider questions like ‘Who are our most valuable customers?’, ‘What keywords drive those customers to my site?’, ‘What content is most important to my customers?’ ‘Given the resources we have what should we focus on?’

By taking this very practical ‘bangs for buck’ approach it becomes easier to focus on the things that matter first and in the process significantly improve your ROI.

Optimising your Digital Business using the 80:20 rule‘ is on the 19th March and costs just £99 (less if you are an Econsultancy subscriber).

Other sessions in the series include

Building, managing and monetising online communities 8 Apr

Email Marketing – the top 10 things you should be doing 13 May

Twitter – business strategies beyond the hype 10 Jun

Getting the most out of Google Analytics 9 Jul

Social media and Online PR measurement – what should you measure and how? 24 Sep

We intend to add more so watch this space and please, if you have any suggestions for extra topics, then please drop me a line.