Online fashion and lifestyle publisher Glam Media has launched a number of new features and widgets to make its network of blogs and websites easier to navigate.

Glam’s platform is designed to distribute media content across its network of more than 400 sites and partners, with the aim of increasing the network’s traffic and page views.

Glam’s new features include:

  • Glam Vertical Search

    These widgets will allow users to navigate through the various content on the Glam network.
  • Story Box
    These widgets, to be displayed on Glam’s sites, will show users the ‘hot’ stories around the network which is relevant to the site that hosts them.
  • Glam Curator

    This Digg-style feature will let people recommend an article for others, though Glam will be employing professional curators to oversee this process. Regular users can ‘curate’ items and work their way up to ‘curator in chief’ depending on whether users like their recommendations.

Glam has raised a lot of VC money so far, and is currently in the process of raising another $200m (£99m) to finance further expansion.

Through partnership/ad deals with a range of online publishers, it has experienced rapid growth, increasing unique visitor numbers from 782,000 last year to 19.1m in June 2007.

It currently claims more than 20m unique visitors monthly, more than rival iVillage.  

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