This may come as a surprise, but apparently the internet is proving to be remarkably popular.

According to the most recent calculations more than 3bn people now have access to the internet, which equates to around 42% of the global population.

If you compare the online population in 2014 to that in 2000 then you see that developing regions have seen the sharpest growth, which obviously stands to reason.

For example, Africa’s growth rate is a whopping 6,498% compared to 3,303% in the Middle East and 1,672 in Latin America.

But Asia is way ahead in terms of total numbers with 1.38bn internet users compared to 582m in Europe.

So it’s easy to see why APAC, and China in particular, is an attractive target for ecommerce brands.

Thankfully Econsultancy is on-hand to help any businesses that are planning to embark on a global expansion plan, with guides that shed light on the digital landscape in major nations.

Our most recent publication is the State of Ecommerce in China Guide, produced in partnership with Hybris.

It includes insights from key ecommerce executives, as well as daily practitioners, to see where the Chinese online retail ecosystem stands today and where it is going.

The report explores the following key questions:

  • What is the current state of ecommerce in China?
  • How are domestic and international players approaching ecommerce and how successful are they?
  • What is the impact of mobile and social?
  • What are the barriers to a successful ecommerce strategy?

You can also find useful information on the Chinese market in our posts on the lure of Alibaba’s Tmall and a guide to Chinese search engines.

South-East Asia

For those interested in APAC nations other than China we also have a State of Ecommerce in South-East Asia Report.

The 60-page publication contains everything you need to know about the ecommerce market in South-East Asia, including sections on consumer behaviour and mobile commerce, as well as challenges, opportunities and B2C/B2B comparisons.

Australia and New Zealand

Hoping to expand Down Under? Our State of Ecommerce in Australia and New Zealand Report can help.

The 46-page report is based on a survey of marketers and interviews with senior executives across a range of business sectors.


It’s perhaps not the best time to think about tackling the Russian market, but if you are then we have a report that will come in useful.

The Digital Landscape in Russia Report includes sections on:

  • Market trends and developments.
  • Third-party statistics.
  • Opportunities and considerations for marketers and businesses keen to invest in the Russian market.
  • An overview of the key internet players in Russia.
  • Useful resources.