If your business is local with absolutely no reason to make a global presence, it is better to use local SEO and get maximum output from the local customer base.

However, businesses selling products or services internationally need to plan well in advance regarding their marketing strategies.

Global SEO means making your website accessible, readable, comprehendible, communicable, and appealing to a large customer base – the whole world!

When you think of global SEO, a certain uncertainty creeps in – this is generally because analysing the trends of such a big customer base is difficult!

Let’s concentrate on a few standard Global SEO techniques that will help you with optimising your webpage for global customers.

Once these steps are followed, you are almost there, just a few customisations to suit your business, and you should be at the top of global search results and attract quality traffic to your website.

To start with let’s look at some basic steps:

  • Website content must be of a superior quality

    Do not spam the page with keyword repetitions. For global search engine optimisation, the content must be written in a comprehensible language, such that customers over the world can interpret easily.

    Avoid flashy language (whereever possible), as well as jargon.

  • Avoid targeting keywords with local references.

    This will categorise your website into the local market and affect your global ratings.

  • Always have a “translator” option.

    Customers over the world need not know the language of your website. You need to customise your website to reach the maximum number of global customers. Avoid using automatic translators where content of your website is concerned.

    Translate it manually, review it thoroughly and then place it on your website for customers to read. 

  • Use webmaster tools to further optimise.
  • Buy a domain name, with your local extension, and host your website in the targeted country.

    Optimising for your global presence does not mean that you hide your current location. It means, that make your services, products available and accessible to all types of customers, all over the world.

    Also remember that search engines have an option for customers to search products either locally or from all over the world, or even by languages.

  • Do not stop when you get a good ranking. 

    Global SEO is an ongoing process, with the ever changing market trends, new technologies and algorithms adopted by various search engines. There are even new search engines launched.