Have you heard? Sex sells.

At least it invites repeat viewings. Which is how GoDaddy’s “Enhanced” spot starring Danica Patrick and her pet beaver, ranked #1 as the most-(re)viewed Super Bowl spot on TiVo.

Ms Patrick and her beaver beat out the bells-and whistles contender, the first-ever 3D TV spot for “Monsters vs. Aliens,” which didn’t even crack the top 50. The ad did require consumers to snag a pair of free 3D glasses to get the full effect.

Beverage spots are always big on game day, and usual suspects Coke and Pepsi made the top 10 list, but Bud Light did so an impressive two times.

Also notable in this slumping economy is that online job boards Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com’s offering hit TiVO’s hit list. E-Trade’s talking baby, last year’s favorite, couldn’t follow through with an encore this year, despite social media efforts such as a pre-game Twitter campaign.

Doritos offering won the first-quarter most-rewound ad contest, but during the fourth quarter of the game, viewership increased enough to garner more eyeballs for GoDaddy’s spot than for Doritos effort.

Here’s TiVO’s top 10:

  1. GoDaddy.com: “Enhanced?” 
  2. Bud Light: “Summer to Winter”         
  3. Careerbuilder.com: “It May Be Time”               
  4. Doritos: “Crystal Ball”            
  5. Transformers: “Revenge of the Fallen”             
  6. Monster.com: “Moose Head”          
  7. Bud Light: “Man Thrown out the Window”               
  8. Pepsi: “MacGruber/Pepsuber”        
  9. Dennys: “Thugs”              
  10. Coke Zero: “Mr Polamalu”