Google’s engineering VP Vic Gundotra may not be bullish on mobile applications, but that doesn’t mean that his employer isn’t serious about cellphones.

Just after announcing its plans to go it alone with the Android phone, Google has made another step into the mobile marketplace. The search giant already extending its AdWords network to mobile devices. Now you can get mobile measurement through Google Analytics.

What does that mean for brands? Better measurement and actionability on campaigns across platforms.

As part of an upgrade to Google Analytics announced today, Google is introducing a numer of useful enhancements,  including the ability to track traffic to both
mobile sites and applications, and explanations of what device is being used. Meaning that marketers will be able to track digital campaigns across web and mobile platforms.

During the company’s third-quarter earnings call this week, CFO
Patrick Pichette said mobile searches were up 30% this quarter from the same period last year, calling the current shift to smartphones “transformative.”

According to AdWeek:

“The mobile-tracking features are part of a broader update to Google
Analytics that includes the ability to set and track engagement
goals, add customized audience segments, track unique visitors for
segments and set ‘intelligence alerts.'”

Amy Chang, group product manager for Google Analytics, says that this move into mobile is just a step in the right direction. And while there is a lot further to go, “The idea is to give advertisers the actual data they need to make
better decisions.”

As consumers start engaging in more activities on their mobile devices like this, it will be important to track their activity there.

In addition, Analytics Intelligence will now provide automatic alerts
when there are significant changes in the data patterns of  site
metrics and dimensions on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. With these changes, Google is not only making it easier to track effectiveness of campaigns, but also helping its customers make changes that can increase the ROI of their campaigns. Those are all good things.