Microsoft and Google have both announced new 3D mapping services this week, giving users street level views of different locations.

Google Street View New Yorkl

Google’s Street Views provide a 360 degree panoramic view taken from a specific point on the street. These are not just static images – by clicking the white arrow within the image you can follow the images down the street you are viewing.

Google’s 3D Maps service is currently available only for major US cities so far, though there are plans to roll out the service more widely at a later date.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has added 3D images of street level locations to its Live Search Maps site.

Microsoft 3D view Manhatten

Like Google, Microsoft has added its 3D function to its mapping service, although it requires you to download an add-on in order to use the service.

Google also recently announced the launch of Mapplets, which allows users to create their own maps mash-ups.

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