Jotspot acquired by Google
Google has today acquired Jotspot, a three year old California-based company which develops platforms for building wiki-based applications.

Wikis, popularised by the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, are platforms for user-generated content. Users can create, modify and even delete information, to build up pages, in a structured format.

Founded in 2004 by co-founders Joe Kraus and Graham Spencer, JotSpot’s wiki allows users to create rich web-based spreadsheets, calendars, documents and photo galleries.

Thousands of businesses are using JotSpot to manage projects, build an intranet, share files and stay in sync with colleagues and customers. They are becoming increasingly popular with businesses as an alternative to large scale document management.

Joe Kraus explained the acquisition on the Google blog:

“It was pretty apparent that Google shared our vision for how groups of people can create, manage and share information online.”

“Joining Google allows us to plug into the resources that only a company of Google’s scale can offer, like a huge audience, access to world-class data centers and a team of incredibly smart people.”

Neither Google nor Jotspot revealed any details of the transaction; Kraus said that the first priority is to move JotSpot’s software to Google’s software architecture.

Jotspot was launched with a budget of just $100,000 and subsequently bagged $5.2m in 2004 from VCs including Mayfield and Redpoint.

Yahoo was earlier this year rumoured to be in talks with Jotspot, though these were flatly denied by Kraus.

Well done, Joe.