Some Google AdWords advertisers are probably not having the best Monday.

Last Friday, Google announced a change to the AdWords display policy: all display URLs within each ad group must have the same top-level domain.

Examples of compliant URLs:

Examples of non-compliant URLs:

Emel Mutlu of Google writes:

While we understand there are legitimate use-cases for multiple display URL domains within one ad group, we ask that you use separate ad groups for each domain. This will not only provide a better user experience for your potential customers, but will also allow you to better organize and track the various domains within your AdWords account.

Needless to say, some advertisers aren’t pleased with the change. Many are especially upset with the short notice; Google indicated that the change would take effect today, meaning AdWords advertisers who are on the ball and who have non-compliant display URLs are currently scrambling to update their accounts to avoid the possibility of some of their ads being suspended.

Clearly when Google thinks it has a brilliant change that will “provide more relevant results and a high quality experience for our users“, the experience of advertisers is of little concern. What can you do?