For Mac users who didn’t feel a lot of love from Google when it released its browser, Chrome, and only included PC users in the fun, things are about to change.

A version of Chrome for the Mac is reportedly on the way and Google has released an experimental Quick Search Box for the Mac.

According to CNET’s, Google should have a Mac version of Chrome availablebefore the first half of 2009 is up.” Chrome product manager Brian Rakowski told that the Mac Chrome is currently at the stage of a ‘test shell‘, which means that it can display web pages. Google is also planning to release a version of Chrome for Linux.

By most market share measurements, Chrome has passed Opera in usage but still lags far behind Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Releasing Mac and Linux versions of Chrome should help Chrome gain some additional market share.

But the promise of a Mac-friendly Chrome isn’t the only way Google is reaching out to Mac users. As Search Engine Journal’s Loren Baker reported, Google has released a developer preview version of a Mac Quick Search Box, which it describes as “an open source search box that allows you to search data on your computer and across the web.

Making an effort to better serve the Mac market is a no-brainer for Google and while it’s difficult to argue that Google competes with Apple in a fashion that would have Apple executives fretting, I can’t help but wonder how Apple will feel if Google becomes a much more prominent player in the Mac ecosystem.