Google has confirmed it is in the process of testing ad formats for video sharing site YouTube with the aim of introducing them in the summer.

Chief marketing officer Suzie Reider told the ad:tech conference in San Francisco the site was testing pre-roll and post-roll bumper ads, before and after video clips.

But Reider also “expressed personal concerns that pre-roll ads could hurt the YouTube user experience”, according to ad:tech panel moderator and BusinessWeek blogger Jon Fine:

“I don’t think that a 15 or 30 second pre roll before a 27 second piece of user-generated content is going to be a great experience. A user’s experience in YouTube right now is so pure we don’t want to get in the way of that.”

The idea behind the move is to better monetise YouTube – more than 35m people logged onto the site in February - while also sharing the funds with its content providers.

Since buying the site for $1.65bn back in October 2006, Google has been experimenting with ad clips inserted mid-video on its Google Video property. It has also used YouTube videos as Google Ads.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, earlier this year, YouTube founder Chad Hurley let slip to BBC News that the site intends to help video uploaders monetise their content by launching a revenue-share programme from the roll-out of any ad inventory.

ClickZ quoted Reider as saying:

“This summer we should be ready, but we’re not in a rush.

“We are doing what any thoughtful companies would do and approach this from a thoughtful way and think about what are the ad methods that will work.”