Google is looking to extend the reach of its online video ads by allowing its Adsense partners to display ad-supported YouTube videos.

The move, another attempt by Google to monetise its $1.76bn purchase of YouTube a year ago, will see it sharing revenue with publishers that add its ‘video units’ to their sites.

It seems a natural, widgety extension of the web giant’s video ad programme on YouTube, launched earlier this year.

According to AP, more than 100 video creators have agreed to allow Google to distribute their content through the Adsense network in this way.

It says it will use content from both the sites and videos to tailor the ads to users.

Potentially, it could also see the company look into distributing other forms of ad-supported content to its publishing partners.

Meanwhile, Google’s shares have broken through the $600 barrier for the first time as investors anticipated good Q3 figures from the company.

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