Google has continued its assault on traditional ad distribution by opening up its Print Ads service in the US.

The move, following trials of the system with a limited number of advertisers and publishers, will see Google brokering space in more than 225 newspapers.

The Print Ads system – an extension of AdWords – allows advertisers to view available newspaper inventory, upload their artwork and make bids, while publishers then decide whether to accept their offers.

Newspaper companies now using the service include The New York Times, The Seattle Times Company, Tribune Publishing and Washington Post.

Todd Haskell, vice president of business development and advertising, at The New York Times, said:

“Google Print Ads has brought in new advertisers who were either too small to consider advertising in a national newspaper or who hadn’t tried print advertising because their business was largely online.”

Google thinks print, radio and TV companies can massively extend their reach by adopting the same principles behind its online ad services.

It said Print Ads was now available to US-based advertisers that have a Google AdWords account, but there was no word on when the system might be launched in the UK.