Social platform Google+ has scored its third highest week of visits launching in June, according to statistics from Experian Hitwise.

6.8m people in the US visited in the week ending November 12, a 5% increase compared to the week before and a 25% increase compared to a month ago.

The number of returning visitors has also risen in the US this month, jumping 18% for the first two weeks in November. For the week ending November 12, 74% of Google+ traffic was from returning visitors.

Average time on site rose 15% in October compared with the month before.

In contrast, research from ICM Research released this morning said only 61% of 32,000 UK adults had heard of Google+, with 17% of respondents claiming to use it but in reality only a third doing so – and the remainder mistaking it for something else.

Explanations included; ‘a customisable homepage’, ‘ordinary Google’ and ‘an email system’, while some had no idea what it was.

ICM said that between 4% and 5% of the online adult population in Britain were among the 40m global users Google says has registered.

The launch of Google Music this week, which features strong integrated with Google+ to allow people to share tracks, will contribute to making the platform more appealling and encouraging repeat visits. In the US, this is already starting to take hold slowly.

In the UK however, as brands are relatively slow to embrace this new network (bar early adopters), it will take longer for consumer awareness to pick up.