It seems that, when they came to designing an IE7 promo page, Google couldn’t be bothered to start from scratch, and produced a page that looks remarkably similar to Yahoo’s.

Both Yahoo and Google have produced personalized versions of the new Internet Explorer 7 browser – Matthew Ingram has the screenshots.

The screenshots in both images showing IE7 are identical, with the Yahoo version displaying the Yahoo toolbar with a red Y in the left corner. Google’s version shows the same image with the Y blurred out.

Ingram also dismisses suggestions that the similarity is due to both search engine being given the same template by Microsoft. It seems that Yahoo created their own page, and that the HTML code behind the two pages is different.

He also points out that the HTML code on the Google version is rubbish..

Meanwhile, Robert Scoble suggests a few ways for Google to minimise the PR damage, including buying the Yahoo team pizza and beer.

Matt Cutts has apologised on behalf of Google for the error, adding that he thinks “it sucks when someone else copies a page layout without attribution”.

He couldn’t resist taking a dig at Yahoo though, pointing out that they have copied Google’s Adwords design and colour scheme in the past.

Google has now updated the promo page.

Nevertheless, foot = mouth.